Workplace Consulting

Technology, globalization, and lifestyle are impacting how, when and where we work. These changes in work patterns must be aligned with the work environment to optimize performance. Determine the right balance for your organization between…

– thinking and collaborative space
– shared and dedicated offices
– centralized and disbursed facilities
– remote work and physical presence

We can work with you to tailor the work environment to….
Support work methods critical to success
Communicate culture and values
Set investment priorities based on gains in productivity, satisfaction and retention
Identify opportunities for greatest impact

Workplace Productivity Drivers

Learn more about the drivers of change and the future of work.

Future of Work Scenarios

Art of the Future has developed a set of scenarios on the Future of Work to stimulate thinking and dialogue.  These are continually being depeened and  enriched by research, workshops and clients. 

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The Attention Deficit Office

  • The average duration of uninterrupted work is less than ten minutes
  • Task switching is common and results, primarily, from interruptions
  • Multiple tasks are always in a state of suspension
  • We spend about 33% of our time on key tasks
  • An endless variety of information begs for attention
  • Most face-to-face interactions are unplanned

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