Facilitation for Results


This facilitation-skills program is an excellent way to build on-going capability within your own organization to use some of the methodologies we use in facilitating organizational problem-solving sessions.

In addition to teaching all the basic design and facilitation skills for highly effective, interactive group meetings, Facilitation for Results goes beyond the basics to include: How to move groups through collaborative problem-solving, surface underlying group issues, intervene in difficult situations, and resolving group conflict. It also helps participants examine the attitudes and mind-sets they bring to the facilitation role.

This workshop utilizes self-assessments, case studies, role plays, and individual and small group exercises. It also provides videotaped practice sessions that give each participant the opportunity to facilitate a problem-solving group. Each person can use their own videotape for continued review and learning after the workshop. Optional individual feedback sessions with a Facilitation for Results trainer are also available. These sessions typically include some feedback on the participant's videotape.

Usual length: 2-3 days. Up to 18 participants.

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