Appreciative Teamwork:

It’s Important to Make it Happen

A Mutual
Commitment to Success

Art of the Future offers a one day workshop in Appreciative Inquiry for in-tact teams.

Workshop Objectives: 

  • To provide the organization as a whole system with a common experience and language that supports a life sustaining environment
  • To understand the power of mind sets to create the world we live in
  • To help individual organization members listen to and direct their “inner dialog”
  • To practice using appreciative inquiry concepts and techniques
  • To build awareness of the talents and experience of all staff members
  • To explore techniques and create structures that will make appreciative interaction a habit in the organization. 

The one day workshop combines a number of components: 
  1. Discovering the Positive Core: An interviewing process that focuses on positive organizational experiences, which people use to introduce each other “fresh” to the entire community.  That is, by finding out what their colleagues are passionate about and by sharing what they appreciate about one another, each participant is able to describe a colleague to the whole community in very specific and appreciative ways that are enlightening to everyone (and frequently very funny!). 
  2. Using the Positive Core to Establish the Organization’s Attributes:  Turning the stories of individual achievement, contribution and personal reward at work into a colorful montage of what makes the organization really special.
  3. Affinity Group Analysis:  The participants used a social networking method that reveals both the informal and the formal organization to establish affinity groups of people whose work and organizational locales creates bonds.  They talked about what makes theirs a special group and what they could do that would take them to a higher level of fulfillment and achievement as a work group.  Then members of each group visited each of the other groups and described what they appreciated in the other groups and what they thought the other groups might reach for. 
  4. Sustaining the Positive Energy:  The day closed with participants describing what they’d learned and what they were prepared to do to maintain a more appreciative environment.

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